2. The CQC report into Morecambe Bay Trust, that was infamously kept secret, has now been published. One paragraph revealingly describes:“Trust Culture and Behaviour”

    “The culture at the Trust has been noted … as a significant influencing factor. The regional team have described the Trust as:

  •  Image focused.
  •  Achievement of Foundation Trust status was essential.
  •  Response to regulation is … the provision of lots of action plans and monitoring plans as evidence of compliance.
  •  A secretive culture prevails with the Trust appearing to decide who they tell what and when, alongside telling external bodies, in particular the CQC, what they think they want to hear in order to keep the Trust closed to external independent scrutiny.
  •  Pressure and demands from operational leadership teams to “just do it” is evidenced through whistleblowing.”

I feel this goes some way towards illustrating what I found myself up against in negotiating with the Trust.


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