A serial Morecambe bay Whistleblower, I was subjected to a high-speed car chase by two thugs intent on silencing me! It didn’t work!

Morecambe Bay Trust super-gagged me too! That didn’t work either.

“Another good worker NHS lost @RussellDunkeld because whistleblowing policies do not protect whistleblowers” … Eileen Chubb@CompassnInCare

I was a Staff Nurse at Morecambe Bay Trust until I reported nurses who were endangering patients’ lives. I was given the classical whistleblower treatment. Though I stuck to all the recommended procedures and took up my concerns with my employer, as PCAW advised, all I got out of the process were two upheld grievances. This site may express some of my thoughts on those experiences.

“I would like to offer a new way of looking at all this hospital trouble.
The current NHS gives us two hospitals in the same place. The ‘real’ one, at down-to earth level, runs pretty much as it always did. It has well-intentioned & hard-pressed staff who, as ever, try stubbornly to make the place work as it should, under unfavourable conditions.
Hovering high above it is a ‘virtual’ hospital, where lives the management. This one claims to be at ‘foundation’ level, but is miles above all earthly considerations. It is squeaky clean, fully-staffed and delivers first-class services. No problems can be found here; policies fully ‘reviewed’, risks managed, standards are met or exceeded, ‘robust procedures’ are in place and quality is ‘assured’.
The two institutions have little contact, but share a name. We should be careful, when we offer praise or aim criticism, to specify which one we mean. NHS watchdogs targeted the bosses in their recent reports, alleging a lack of awareness, concealments & deceit. Staff, by & large, usually endeavour to do as they ought, whatever management may impose upon them.” …My comment on a North-West Evening Mail article  28 February 2012.

“NHS staff will be able to use the (WHISTLEBLOWERS’ helpline) number, which is being run by Public Concern at Work, an independent organisation.”
PCAW may be independent, but their advice will always follow the guidelines. The very guidelines that have been shown not to work! They preach conformity in a system shown to be faulty and will tell whistleblowers to “exhaust internal procedures” before involving external bodies, even MP’s. Those “internal procedures” are known to favour Trust secrecy, prolong stress and “exhaust” the whistleblower. …My comment on an article in “The Scotsman” 02/04/2013

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